Your Hosts

Daniel (foreground) and Josh (background)

Daniel (foreground) and Josh (background)

Josh Brokaw

Josh Brokaw is a stand-up comic from Houston, TX specializing in dryly delivered, abstract one-liners and absurd, loosely tied together semi-narratives. He is the host of a live podcast called The Stacks and the head writer of Houston’s comedy game show, Choke. He is also the producer, curator, and host of the ongoing deconstructionist stand-up show Let’s Kill Stand-Up and the host of a weekly multidiscipline open mic called the Really Really Open Mic. He also produces his own regular, self-published zine featuring comedic essays, short stories, posters, and general fuckery called Placeholder.

As a comic, he has opened for the soul and rocksteady band The Suffers at the Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts, was featured on Chicago’s stalwart show ShitHole Select, was selected to the Come and Take It Comedy Takeover in 2015, performed with The Onion and The Soup‘s Matt Ingebretson, Austin’s Funniest Person’s 2014 champion Cody Hustak, AFP 2014’s runner-up Ryan Cownie, and 30 Rock‘s Josh Fadem, among many others.

In 2015, Josh joined the multidiscipline comedic arts collective MicroSatan, which produces the popular monthly late night talk show parody/brain hemorrhage of a sketch show, Good Evening with Conner and Billy. He is a staff writer and makes regular appearances as a long series of bizarre characters in the show. Josh has been a bit of an instigator for the group, pushing them to produce a regular zine called MicroSatan Monthly (now called MicroSatan Mag (a zine)), produce regular zine release shows, and diversify even further the paths we can explore to share comedy (he even recently created a short comedy video game called Dragon Trainer High School).

Daniel Herman

Daniel is not a professional comedian, nor can he claim any professional expertise in the world of sports. He is simply an enthusiastic young man with an abiding love of baseball. He does have 3 years of writing professionally in the advertising industry, which he supposes counts for something.

Growing up in San Jose, Daniel went to his first baseball games at the notoriously miserable Candlestick Park to see his Giants. Moving to Houston in 1996, he was able to catch a couple games at the Astrodome before the Astros’ move to Minute Maid. As a kid, he was sometimes pulled from games by his coach (who was also his dad) for trash-talking batters from the mound.