9.8.16 – Throwing S#!t with Stacey Daniels & Hoja Lopez


Hello! How was your Labor Day Weekend? That’s good! Oh, how was ours? NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Anyway, we’re back from a quick break with perhaps our most exciting episode yet! We’ve got the hilarious and lovely hosts of Relationshit, Hoja Lopez and Stacey Daniels. It’s a Mocking Bird Network crossover! Enjoy our discussion of baseball players, their messy, complicated relationships, and how they can sometimes resemble our own.


Our Little Corner of The World


Come along with me
To my little corner of the world
Dream a little dream
In my little corner of the world
You’ll soon forget

At the moment, comparing the Houston Astros franchise to the Texas Rangers is a good way to make yourself depressed. Against all odds, the Rangers seem to have recovered fully from the franchise’s brief fallow period between their back-to-back 2010/2011 World Series appearances to last year’s playoff berth. As of this writing, the Rangers are 8.5 games ahead of the Astros in the American League West, thanks to a 75-53 record that is the second best in baseball.

They’ve been helped to that record by a number players acquired in pretty frustrating fashion. Ian Desmond was signed for a song after apparently no other team could use a very good shortstop, then became a “surprise” All Star. Jonathan Lucroy almost went to the young and exciting Cleveland Indians before exercising his no-trade clause (which he was well within his rights to do) and being sent to the Rangers. Last season, Cole Hamels was almost an Astro before exercising his own no-trade clause (which he was within his rights to do, but I’m much less sympathetic). Continue reading


It’s Still Hard to Say Goodbye


Try and think of the character death from a TV show that impacted you the most. Was it [spoiler]? Was it [redacted]? We’ve all had that one episode of Game of Thrones or Battlestar that made us watch a character we loved, that we had spent hours and hours of our life with, say goodbye forever. To say it’s like a friend member dying is stretching it; but it’s losing someone we’ve shared the heightened emotions of dramatic storytelling with over several years of our life. Continue reading

Profiles In Baseballness

Rougned Odor, the Imperfect Vessel


Rougned Odor Imperfect Vessel

There is an episode late in the excellent FX series The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, entitled “An Imperfect Vessel”, that grapples with the actual humans who become symbols of an idea. One of Johnnie Cochran’s driving motivations behind defending Simpson was his continued crusade against brutality and racial bias in the LAPD. Continue reading


Crying In the Juice Box

Empty Astros Game

You saw me crying in the chapel
The tears I shed were tears of joy
I know the meaning of contentment
I am happy with the Lord

Over nearly 10 years of being legal drinking age, when I was trying to think of places to go get drinks, I had a different set of criteria than a lot of other people my age. For most folks in their 20s, they’re looking for the hippest, trendiest bar in town where they have a chance to see and be seen.

I tended to seek out the place with the least amount of people, while still being among the sort of people I felt comfortable with. In Houston, this meant avoiding Midtown at all costs. Big Star had a cool back area and the best jukebox in town. Lola’s was cheap and seldom crowded, but perhaps too dive-y. Once Cecil’s Monday night prices for wells and Lone Stars skyrocketed from $1 to $1.50, enough people stopped coming to make it comfortable. Plus, it being an old haunt of Bill Hicks lent it an extra bit of allure.

There was another place in Houston I could go during that time, that I always knew would offer me a peaceful, quiet evening. No exorbitant door charge, no packs of annoying yuppies elbowing me out of the bartender’s field of vision. Beer prices were a bit high, but at least you got to keep the neat souvenir cup it came in. Continue reading

Satchel Paige Story Time

Satchel Paige Story Time #1

PaigeSatchelIt should be said, up front, before any other considerations or qualifiers, that Satchel Paige was a great pitcher. Possibly the greatest pitcher of all time. Let’s let that steep for a while. Satchel Paige was a great pitcher.

But while that is the ultimate truth, it is not the whole truth. Satchel Paige transcends mere greatness, for reasons both inspiring and heartbreaking. Continue reading