Overheard at the Ballpark: Volume 1


Here at Throwing Junk, we tend toward a humanist worldview. We think all people are beautiful and interesting in their own way; each person a fascinating novel just waiting to be read.

At a baseball game, we’re often given excerpts of those books by way of overheard conversations. A lot of times, they aren’t very promising.

Hearing a stranger express their opinion always seems to paint them in the worst possible light, but there’s something different about baseball games. Every opinion is wrong, every interpretation confounding, every joke tasteless. We’ll be collecting the worst of what we hear and bringing them to you. We’re very sorry.

Yeah, that Altuve [pronouncing it Al-too-vee], he’s good, he’s a rookie. Yeah, he’s a rookie

Jose Altuve exceeded rookie limits 5 years ago

[Same woman] “Well I usually have the game on in the background while I’m working, I don’t always pay attention.

[An usher comes by our row selling tickets for a charity raffle] [Same woman, on the phone] “Some black guy just came buy selling raffle tickets.”

Do they have guys hitting for the pitcher now?”

The Astros moved to the American League 3 years ago. The designated hitter was introduced to the American League 43 years ago. We’re not sure which he was surprised by.

[Overheard the day before Cinco de Mayo] “Yeah dude, we’re just gonna be pounding Dos’s all day


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