5.23.16 La Justicia es Cara, Estadios Tambien


Eric Aybar chokes on bones, Johnny Cueto is delightful, the Rangers want a new stadium, Daniel brushes up on his Spanish, and Josh invents grease fire-based HVAC. It was a pretty productive week for Throwing Junk.


Profiles In Baseballness

Rougned Odor, the Imperfect Vessel


Rougned Odor Imperfect Vessel

There is an episode late in the excellent FX series The People Vs. O.J. Simpson, entitled “An Imperfect Vessel”, that grapples with the actual humans who become symbols of an idea. One of Johnnie Cochran’s driving motivations behind defending Simpson was his continued crusade against brutality and racial bias in the LAPD. Continue reading


5.17.16 The Anatomy of a Baseball Fight

jon gray overlook hotel

The boys Zapruder the heck out of Jose Bautista and Rougned Odor and take you back to the origin of that widely talked-about dustup between the Rangers and Blue Jays.

They also dive into the sci-fi vs. fantasy debate, New Orleans, and Curt Schilling’s racist ass.

Back and to the left.


Crying In the Juice Box

Empty Astros Game

You saw me crying in the chapel
The tears I shed were tears of joy
I know the meaning of contentment
I am happy with the Lord

Over nearly 10 years of being legal drinking age, when I was trying to think of places to go get drinks, I had a different set of criteria than a lot of other people my age. For most folks in their 20s, they’re looking for the hippest, trendiest bar in town where they have a chance to see and be seen.

I tended to seek out the place with the least amount of people, while still being among the sort of people I felt comfortable with. In Houston, this meant avoiding Midtown at all costs. Big Star had a cool back area and the best jukebox in town. Lola’s was cheap and seldom crowded, but perhaps too dive-y. Once Cecil’s Monday night prices for wells and Lone Stars skyrocketed from $1 to $1.50, enough people stopped coming to make it comfortable. Plus, it being an old haunt of Bill Hicks lent it an extra bit of allure.

There was another place in Houston I could go during that time, that I always knew would offer me a peaceful, quiet evening. No exorbitant door charge, no packs of annoying yuppies elbowing me out of the bartender’s field of vision. Beer prices were a bit high, but at least you got to keep the neat souvenir cup it came in. Continue reading


5.9.16 The Crux of the Nub



Episode 2 is here! Now featuring structure!

Today, the boys talked about Jose Altuve, ghost hunting, Buffs Stadium, walk-up music, and Hungarian coal riots, confused Alanis Morissette with Sheryl Crow, and tried to come up with a mascot for the podcast. It’s pretty solid, altogether. Continue reading


5.2.16 Humm Baby Hoagie Time


In episode one, Josh and Daniel discuss the Arizona Diamondbacks’ “adventurous” new fashion choices, the misadventures of Astrojack and Astrodillo, the origin of the term “Humm baby, hoagie time,” the Fresno Tacos, and Scott Stapp.

Baseball is fun.